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whats good

so i havent writeen in this thing for AGES! and i am reading my old entries and shit and i was totaly obsessed.. with adam.. like freaking woah.. i need to calm that down LOL --- well lets see.. to update i have my drivers license WHADDUP WHADDUP! im on cTc senior elite now instead of sr pink which is freaking awesomee! its summer sophomore year is done thank god =] and yes i am still with adam and no i am not so DFLKAJSDLFKJSKLDFJASDKLFsldkfjalksdfj like before.. i mean im still asdf but not asldkfjaslkdjfskldajflsk! lol.. idk if u get that or not but what ever.. anyway thats about i have to work tomorrow =/ i work @ a dental place its madd fun so i am going to bed! ill write more another time!

♥ Ashley
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